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  • Investment Advice: is there really a difference?

    It can be overwhelming to research all the different financial advisory firms out there today. Who is a good advisor? Whom can I trust? Given this uncertainty, most people solicit recommendations from friends or family. They then hire the recommended advisor without examining alternatives or selecting the right person for their specific situation. In this post we try to provide clarity both on the […]

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  • Guidance for Amazon Employees

    Savings Strategies for New Parents

    As life starts settling back to a normal routine following the arrival of your child, your attention will turn to the daunting prospect of funding their education. Beyond the basic need to stash away dollars, there is a myriad of choices today for educational savings. Plus, keeping your retirement savings on track will avoid requiring your son or daughter to […]

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  • 3 Financial Moves for New Parents

    Having a child is a defining moment in everyone’s life. And as with all major life changes, being aware of the financial implications and having a plan is vital. This post aims to help new parents become more financially savvy as they nurture and care for their new baby. Here are a few concrete steps to consider. 1.) Maximize Employer […]

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  • You’re Having a Baby!

    A new child impacts most parts of your life. Sleep deprivation may be the most immediate and directly-felt impact, but there is also a significant change to your finances. The decision to have a child is a major milestone and defining moment in life. And as with all major life changes, being aware of the financial implications and having a plan […]

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  • Happiness And Your Money

    You may have heard about a study out of Princeton University’s Center for Health and Well-Being which pegged the income required for maximizing happiness at $75,000 annually. The essence of the study’s findings is that day-to-day happiness, or what the study refers to as “emotional well-being,” continues to increase as income rises to $75K, and then levels off for higher […]

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